Basketball, forgiveness and me..

Got to watch our son play another game last night at Geneseo State. It’s great to watch and not get emotionally involved. It’s not good to get emotionally involved in games, but I can never draw that line. I’m just no good at detaching. After the game I scolded my son for not playing well and got scolded by my wife. I’m still in the dog house over that one. I’ve lived through it before and I’ll live through it again. I apologized to my son for expecting him to be superman. One of the blessings of having a big mouth is I get to apologize. Some one told me that every time I sin I cut the “rope” between me and God and when I repent and ask forgiveness God connects us again by tying a knot in the rope. God knows I have lots of knots in my rope, but also each time each knot makes the rope closer to God. If I look at it that way I can see that even though I fail to live up to what I believe, God has a way of making me and it better.

Today I did some volunteer work for the Friars at University Ministries at St. Bonaventure University. As a way of thanking me, Brother Joe offered a ticket to the St. Bonaventure vs. UNC-Charlotte game tonight. I was beat but went anyway because I didn’t want to have “hot tongue and cold shoulder” for dinner at home. Bonaventure eventually lost the game by about 16 points. It’s always a pleasure to watch a game with Brother Joe and Father Bob. Brother Joe really gets into the game, whistling and cheering. Fr. Bob is more restrained but offers some really good insights. I always feel holier after spending time in their presence. Going to basketball games can be a call to holiness if I allow myself to think that way. Almost everything I do or don’t do can be a call to holiness.

I’m pooped right now and need to take a rest. Maybe I’ll write more later.