I will lead you into the desert

“I will lead you into the desert and there I will speak to your heart.”-Hosea 2:14

What a wonderful passage and yet how often have I moaned and groaned about being in the desert? How often do I long to be constantly living in the land of milk and honey. Life is full of bumps and bruises and it’s during these times of trial that God often speaks to our hearts. In the past number of months I’ve been in another desert. It seems that I have a thirst to read, but every book I pick up turns dry in a few pages and I’m left wondering again. With the exception of the two books I read last month by Sue Monk Kidd, every other book has been just that. Finally today I sat down with a friend and shared my journey with him. He made some suggestions which I intend to follow. The past year has been a very rocky road at times, and yet it has also been a very enlightening period for me. I feel as though I am being led, but where I don’t know. One of the questions from Sue Monk Kidd’s book that I’m still pondering is, “who am I really?”
When all of what I am is stripped away, who am I really. I’m wrestling with that.

Now, I have a spiritual advisor. Up until now, Fr. Lou has been my confessor and a close friend. Now, we’ll spend some time each month examining where I’m going. Thank you for leading me into the desert and speaking to my heart. Peace.