You betray the Son of Man?

“Judas, you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?” I can betray the Son of Man with what I kiss. What am I kissing today that betrays the Son of Man? As I listened to yesterday’s Gospel it became apparent that not just Judas was complicit in his death. We all were. Yesterday, we all got to play a part in the reading of the Gospel. As I repeated the words “crucify Him” they became easy in such a large group. It’s always easy to go along with the crowd. Jesus was the scape goat. The Lamb of God was led to slaughter and we were all complicit in his death. Who are the other scape goats in my life today? Is it the immigrant, the gay, the Iraqi or Iranian, the one not like me. It’s always acceptable to crucify the one not like me. Crucify him easily translates to crucify them. If only we can get rid of the one not like us, then there will be peace. Who is the acceptable scape goat in your life? Peace.

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