What keeps me entombed?

Steve Bogner has a post on his blog, Way of the Cross-Jesus Body is Buried. At the end of his post he states, “What is it in my life that keeps me entombed?” I’ve been thinking on that one for a day and a half and it is still making me think. I’ll take that question with me to Mt. Saviour and maybe I’ll bring it home again. There has been something drawing me lately and I can’t put my finger on it. Steve’s post really resonated with me. There is something there.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would or could do this summer. Being in education I have a liberty few enjoy. My life changes during July and August each year. I have a different schedule and really I can take five or six weeks off. Last year I chose to work. This year there is something itching within me to spend more time in a more contemplative pursuit. What is it that I am being called to? Am I imagining this call? I’ve consulted others. How better could I use my time. Fear has me entombed. Who am I really? Whose am I really?

More silence in my life has left me with more questions and yet I am drawn to even more silence. Peace.

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