Walking and talking

Steve Bogner has a very timely post on his blog today, Catholicism, Holiness and Spirituality. I believe that what you do is far more important that what you say. Walking what you talk is a far more effective demonstration of the Gospel than anything you might say. It’s politically popular to talk about family values and to speak of one’s faith, but frequently there is a disconnect when it comes to implementing gospel values in public policy.

Recently in the United States there has been a heated debate on immigration. It’s easy to blame our economic woes on immigration. The real issue is greed. There would be no immigration issue if there weren’t businesses here attracting these undocumented aliens. These businesses hire undocumented aliens and displace American workers. These businesses do this to lower their payroll costs. Some politicians and other looking for wedge issues have focused on the undocumented aliens when the real issue is greed. Fences at the border won’t end the problem of immigration nor will countless laws. Gospel values in the workplace would keep the American workers and value the lives of immigrants.

There are some businesses that employ these kinds of principles. One such employer is John D. Beckett. Mr. Beckett wrote a great book about his experiences. It’s called Loving Monday’s. I recommend it to you. In my own business, professional and personal endeavors I try to let my walking do my talking.

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