Abbey Cross

This picture was taken tonight at Abbey of the Genesee near Piffard, New York. I found myself at Mt. Irenaeus this morning for Eucharist. After Eucharist and brunch I spent some quiet time in Holy Peace Chapel. I got in my car, got out the map and decided to wander toward Canandaigua Lake. I drove nearly 90 miles through some very picturesque countryside eventually arriving in Canandaigua. After a stop at the Montana Mills bread store to buy a loaf of their delicious “Woodstock” bread for my wife I turned west and south toward home. Whenever I’m near Piffard I try to stop at the monastery. Tonight I got there just in time for Compline and for a quick look in their bookstore. I picked up what so far is an interesting read. It’s entitled, “Mysticism for Modern Times.” It is based on conversations with a Benedictine monk, Willigis Jager. I’d never heard of him or this book until tonight but it looks like just what I needed. I love the view from the monastery. It was great to be able to spend some time there today. Peace.

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