Today I attended the jubilee of five friars of Holy Name Province. I know one of the friars well. My friend, Brother Vianney Justin, OFM (pictured) celebrated 40 years as a Franciscan friar today at a special ceremony in Buffalo, New York. He was joined in the jubilee by Br. Michael Oberst, OFM with 25 years and Brothers Moe Swartout, Julian and Adrian Riester with 60 years. This remarkable group of men have nearly 250 years of service to God and creation. Following Mass and the renewal of vows we were received at a large gathering near St. Rita’s Parish where we talked, ate and enjoyed ourselves.

On the cover of the program is a verse that I like and it’s attributed to St. Francis.

“We are the minstrels
of the Lord,
whose work it is
to lift up people’s hearts
and move them
to spiritual gladness.”

The joy filled jubilee celebration and the over three hundred present gave ample testimony that these friars are indeed “minstrels of the Lord.” Peace.

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