It’s hard not to be worried today. The Middle East is in carnage thanks in part to extremists in Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah is fueled by Iran and of course Israel is our darling. Newt Gingrich, a man who never wore a uniform is calling it World War III. Don’t you love chickenhawks like Newt? People who are too afraid to put on a uniform all too willing to send you and/or your children into harm’s way. People like Gingrich should be incarcerated temporarily until cooler heads prevail. Christian extremists who populate much of the American right-wing think this is the beginning of Armageddon. They are so full of themselves and their heresy that they perceive it as reality.

It was against this backdrop that I dragged myself to Mt. Irenaeus this morning. I was thinking, “Where the hell is Jesus?” in all this. The Prince of Peace seemed like a mockery at best on mornings like this. I was really down and just sat in the back of the chapel only humming the hymns. I just couldn’t get into it. During the homily I kept Fr. Dan Riley, OFM kept referring to “Murray”. Murray Bodo, OFM was sitting probably ten feet from me in Holy Peace Chapel this morning. I got a chance to visit with him after Mass and before brunch. He is currently at the Franciscan Institute at nearby St. Bonaventure University. We shared a couple of stories and it was wonderful to meet a great Franciscan author.

Meeting Murray helped to overshadow the carnage in the Middle East and the war drumming by the chickenhawks of the Republican party. They are not interested in making peace. They are interested only in making political hay for the fall elections. They are truly sick. They are the Antichrist. I hope folks can see through their sinister and self serving agenda and send them packing.


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