Who owns Christianity?

I used to wear a WWJD, bracelet. It was a great idea and it was one of those things that helps one to examine their behavior. I came across well written piece from the San Francisco Chronicle. It seems to me that the term Christian nowadays connotes a narrow minded increasingly war like persona that is anathema to Christ’s teachings. The root of Christianity has been severed and in it’s place an increasingly narrow, hate filled minority have hijacked the real Gospel message. It seems as though the chaff has taken over the field and thrown the wheat into the fire.

I liked this piece written by Deepak Chopra that appeared in the July 17th issue of the San Francisco Chronicle. “Did Christ teach love or is that just a liberal bias? In the current climate, it’s hard to remember, but one thing is certain: Once a tight cabal of fundamentalists takes over any denomination, Christ’s teachings go out the window. The reversal of Christianity from a religion of love to a religion of hate is the greatest religious tragedy of our time.”

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