Fedora Core

Curiousity killed the cat and satisfaction brought him back. I’m a curious cat and last night I decided to rebuild my laptop with Fedora Core 5. I downloaded the ISO with Azureus from Bittorrent. This morning and afternoon I’ve been rebuilding the computer. I’ve used many version of Linux and written about some of them here, but I’m still basically a Red Hat guy. I know it’s a personal thing, but Fedora is still my favorite distro. I like Ubuntu and I’ve used Centos for some special projects. I’ve had some experience with Suse and Mandrake, but I keep coming back to Fedora. I’ll tell you one thing I don’t like about Fedora 5. I don’t like the inability to use the ‘right-mouse-button’ to launch a terminal window in Gnome. Why did they change that. I thought that was default in Gnome. Oh well, I’ll have more to write about my experience in the days and weeks ahead but there are many postives with Fedora and it feels like coming home now that it’s installed.

Fedora didn’t recognize my Intel 2200BG wireless card out of the box like Dapper Drake did. I had to install the IPW2200 rpm to see the wireless network. You’d think it would, but that’s characteristic of all the Red Hat and Fedora distros I’ve seen. I also had trouble with Flash installing properly until I Googled my way to this article. Follow the advice on reconfiguring SELinux. That solves the Flash problem.

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