Prayer for Peace

This lovely poem comes from this month’s Peace and Justice Newsletter of the Secular Franciscan Order.

Prayer for Peace (2003)

O one God of all peoples and nations,

You created the earth and the cosmos,

in their beauty and also in their frailty.

All cultures and religions are on their way to

the origin of all that has been created.

You want all to be for one another not a threat,
but a blessing.

Our one world should be, by your will,

a peaceful home for all.

You chose the Orient to make known to all

your many names.

Abraham is a father in faith for Jews, Muslims,

and Christians.

He listened to your call
in the region between the Euphrates and Tigris,
the present day Iraq.

In a special way, you promised life and future to the old and new People of Israel.

As Christian men and women, we thank you

for our Lord and Brother Jesus Christ.

He is our Peace.

He came to knock down walls and to give to

all, without distinction,

life and a future.

We know ourselves to be in communion with

the Churches of the Orient.

They witness to the Gospel of Jesus,

to the liberating power of his non-violence

and to his Resurrection.

We also pray to you

in unity with all our brothers and sisters of other religions, especially those who have their

origin in the Middle East.

In all of them you instilled the hunger and thirst

for justice and a deep desire for peace.

All are in mourning for the victims of hatred

and violence.

All are called to collaborate in the construction

of a new world.

We, therefore, beseech you:

Have mercy on all the victims and on all the


Put an end to the spiral of violence and hatred.

Let all of us, especially those who bear


be ever more convinced that the way to peace

is not that of war and violence,

but of building peace through non-violence and


Let your peace flow like a river through all our


Lord, give us strength and endurance

to pull down the mountains of


to fill in the trenches of hatred

and to level the paths towards a more just and a

more peaceful world order.

Let the arms of destruction be laid down soon,

and let the melody of peace and reconciliation

resound throughout your entire creation.

O one God with many names,

make us all instruments of your peace.

(Brother Hermann Schal├╝ck, OFM)

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