Vision is not physical. It is a quality of the soul. People with vision hone in, laser-like, to the presence of God in life. They see the holy, bleeding, suffering, feuding world as God sees the world: as one and as sacred. In love with a loving God, they are impelled to love God’s world as God does. They set out to love it as God loves it. They see God everywhere and in everything. They stretch beyond the demands of the personal, the chauvinistic, the nationalistic, the sectarian, even the doctrinal, to the will of God for the entire world. They are not trapped by the pitiful little agendas of color or gender or hierarchy or place. They live possessed by the will of God for the world and spend themselves for its coming. They do not slide into spiritual complacency or affect spiritual elitism. They work at the spiritual life, expecting no gifts from it and seeking no mystical signs to mark their spiritual growth. They simply do what must be done: They immerse themselves in the presence of God until everything for them becomes the presence of God.

–Joan Chittister, OSB–Illuminated Life-Monastic Wisdom for Seekers of Light (p.118-119)

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