Regime Change

Today I had the rare privelege of sharing the same space as a real American hero. I attended a campaign rally for New York State’s 29th District Candidate for the US Congress, Eric Massa. Accompanying Eric on the campaign trail is former Senator Max Cleland. I have undying admiration for Senator Cleland. As I watched Eric wheel Max into the shelter and heard the applause my eyes filled with tears and goose bumps covered me. Max lost three limbs in southeast Asia nearly forty years ago. A few years ago despicable politicians in the Republican party had Max’s picture superimposed with a picture of Osama bin Laden. As I looked at Max today and noticed his three missing limbs I thought of the irony of our current vice president’s five draft deferrments. It’s one thing to wave the flag and talk patriotism its quite another to serve your country and your fellow man.

Max was only part of the show. Today was Eric Massa’s day to shine and he did that well. I was very impressed with Eric’s enthusiasm for public service. He’s a family man, a 24 year veteran of the United States Navy. Eric has a lot of fire in his belly. I’m one of a group of United States Military Veterans endorsing Eric Massa for United States Congress in the 29th District of New York State. If you’re a veteran and your tired of the policies of the current regime in Washington then I invite you to join us in peaceful regime change. We can make a difference and we can really save American lives. May God bless Eric Massa, Max Cleland and all veterans of all wars. Vote for Eric Massa this November. For more information on Eric Massa.

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