Slipping the surly bonds of earth

Today I finally got the nerve and faith to go for my first ride in a Blanik L13 glider. This was my fourth trip to the Finger Lakes Soaring Center in Dansville, New York. This is a glider pilots’ eyeview of a tow plane. Our tow plane was similar. It was a Piper Pawnee and it did a great job getting us to 2000 feet AGL (above ground level). Following a short ground roll we were airborne. I lost track of time as the ground slipped away beneath our aircraft. Tears of joy filled my eyes as once again I had the priviledge of leaving behind the earth and literally soaring toward the clouds. There was no lift today and our trip back to ground began as soon as we released from the tow plane. Soaring is a unique experience even for a veteran pilot. Only the sound of rushing wind and the chatter between the pilot and I punctuated the stillness of powerless flight. I signed up for three introductory lessons and some ground school. My only regret is that I let fear hold me back from trying this sooner. Peace.

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