Professions and Vocations

Today, three more of our fraternity made their profession as Secular Franciscans. It was great to see the emotion and the support of family, friends from our fraternity and the friars present. It was a reminder of my own profession just a little over four years ago. Reflecting on their profession and sharing this day with them caused me to reflect on my own Franciscan journey and to commit again to following the Rule.

Today on my way to Mass at Mt. Irenaeus and to the profession ceremony I spied an old friend waiting outside the grocery story for his wife who was inside shopping. As we spoke he asked me about being a Secular Franciscan. He said he’d seen folders in the back of his church and wondered. I explained a bit about our fraternity and a neighboring group and suggested he attend one of their meetings. He said, “I’d like to come with you.” I asked for his address and email and promised to send him more information about our next meeting. He’s already a busy man with a business, a chaplaincy in a local fire company and chaplain at a local funeral home. There is apparently another call in the midst of all of this and this might be to the Secular Franciscan Order. Is God calling you to the Secular Franciscan Order?

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