Which Gospel?

Reading the news today that a group of evangelical Christians at the Pentagon, Christian Embassy are proselytizing military leaders is not really shocking. There are a lot of Bible believing Christians in our military. It’s often said that there are no atheists in foxholes. So, it’s not strange that there would be a large number of believers in uniform. What is tough to believe is that all of them are supporters of our current policy and that the Gospel of Christ is guiding the war on terror. These folks have a different understanding of the Gospel than I do.

Christian Embassy is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. I remember having the gospel presented to me in the Bible Belt thirty years ago and more by members of Campus Crusade. I liked them at the time and was impressed by their sincerity. Everyone has different favorite passages of scripture which no doubt influence their lives. My favorite is Matthew’s Gospel 25:31-46 and the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. The Gospel of Jesus Christ seems different than what I hear from these folks. You’ll have to watch this video of the work of Christian Embassy. It speaks for itself.

St. Francis was a soldier spent some time as a prisoner of war on his way to the awakening that would see him changed by the Holy Spirit. Here’s hoping that Christian Embassy is a call to holiness for 21st century people who will eventually hear the Lord as Francis did and see the lepers and kiss them in the Pentagon and in all of our war zones.

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