Christmas thoughts

Today on my way to Mass I was listening to John Michael Talbot sing about the primacy of Christ and as I contemplated the world scene with the United States debacle in Iraq murdering thousands this year. Soon our warships will be on station off the coast of Iran ready to visit more carnage on yet another nation that doesn’t see things our way. Well, I wasn’t feeling too hopeful, but as I sat in the quiet of Holy Peace Chapel at Mt. Irenaeus and pondered Fr. Bob’s homily I realized that the secret to peace lie in the embrace of our enemies. Yes, the embrace. That is the way of Jesus. Jesus embraced everyone and even forgave the people who murdered him. He never sought revenge. The way of Jesus is the way of forgiveness and acceptance. The forgiveness and acceptance are unconditional. In the last week I’ve witnessed the “crucifixion” of Congressman-elect Keith Ellison. How would Jesus deal with Keith Ellison. Would he condemn Mr. Ellison? Would he condemn Ellison’s accusers? No, he would condemn no one. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Ava Lowery is a young lady with a powerful ministry. I’ve seen her work earlier this year. I noted another of her multimedia essays. It is powerful and I hope it helps you to embrace and care for your enemies. “Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also”–St. Matthew 5:39.

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