The gang that couldn’t shoot straight

Interesting to read that the Bush Administration is chiding the Maliki administration for “botching” the hanging of Saddam’s half brother. In a war known for its surgical air-strikes and smart weaponry killing your fellow man can get messy as it did for the latest hanging victims. The images of blood running everywhere are neatly excised from our nightly news stories, just like they were in the TV Westerns. Blood and gore don’t sell well on network news. The United States remains the only civilized country that still allows capital punishment. An eye for a eye leaves the whole world blind.

Here’s a video from the early days of the war before casualties began to mount. I was appalled by this at the time when it was aired on the evening news. Back then it was rah-rah! How do we criticize the Iraqis for a botched hanging when you can see our complete disregard for human life and our celebration of killing in this video? It’s surreal because it’s not in full color, but you can imagine what it must have been like with a little imagination. Listen to the pundits and the wingnuts on the right wing talk about being a Christian nation. Don’t they think anyone can hear or see? Hello!

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