We hold the death of the Lord..

Today my friend Terry called. He’s an inquirer to our Secular Franciscan life. I’ve known him for nearly 20 years and he is very thoughtful. He offered to drive. The proverb, “Pride goeth before the fall,” was operative this morning. I declined his offer and we were on our way over hill and dale towards Mt. Irenaeus. At the bottom of Roberts Road, at the foot of the climb to Mt. Irenaeus my little PT Cruiser began to spin and slide and even though I prayed and begged we eventually stopped well down the hill. Today was one of those days when I should have trusted in the driving ability of Terry and his four wheel drive truck. We had a good laugh after I got over being self-critical and apologetic.

The readings were powerful today. The first reading from Jeremiah and the 1 Corinthians 13 and the Gospel. During the shared homily we spoke of the transforming power of love. Last night was a young men’s overnight at Mt. Irenaeus. I’ve shared in these events in the past. Thank God there were a number of these strong young men to help me get my Cruiser pointed down the hill in the right direction. They saved my little car from sliding into the ditch.

At our Secular Franciscan meeting I asked Michelle to read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 once again. I love our Fraternity meeting days. There were 13 of us there today. Ten professed members and three inquirers. Our regular meetings begin with Eucharistic adoration. We sit in the quiet of Holy Peace Chapel while our spiritual assistant, Fr. Louis McCormick, OFM places the Blessed Sacrament on the altar and lights the incense. I love the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is always a special time for me.

The hymn at Communion today was “Now We Remain.” I love the lyrics.

We hold the death of the Lord
Deep in our hearts
Living, now we remain
With Jesus the Christ

Once we were people afraid
Lost in the night
Then by Your Cross we were saved
Bread became living, life from Your giving

Something which we have known
Something we’ve touched
What we have seen with our eyes
This we have heard, life giving word

He chose to give of Himself
Became our bread
Broken, that we might live
Love beyond love, pain for our pain

We are the presence of God
This is our call
Now to become bread and wine
Food for the hungry, Life for the weary

For to live with the Lord
We must die with the Lord

We hold the death of the Lord deep in our hearts. Living now we remain with Jesus the Christ.

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