Audacity of Hope

I’ve been watching Senator Barack Obama announce his candidacy for the presidency. I don’t know much about him, but I am encouraged by his positive vision. Yesterday as I waited to board my flight home at O’Hare Airport in Chicago I picked up the book, Audacity of Hope, and read some of the endorsements on the back cover. Tears welled in my eyes as I thought of how much I love the United States of America. I am ashamed of the poor job being done by this administration. The Bush Administration has done more to undo the hope offered by America to the world. America sure isn’t perfect but it’s a great country made up of millions of Americans whose voice is never heard in the national and state capitals. Americans are ever optimistic and yes we are rebels. I hope Barack Obama can win the nomination and eventually the presidency because I think the guy has something to say. He never voted for this un-Godly war. It took a lot of fortitude to oppose the war at its inception. It’s easier now to be against the war, but at its inception that was far more courageous. Of all the current candidates for president only Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama opposed this insanity and criminality from the outset. Give’em hell Barack!!

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