Thanks to Paula at More-Light for the addition of an audio of the the Office of Readings found to the left on this blog. This is one more example of the the positive use of technology to bring the richness of the liturgy to the web. Tonight after dinner I climbed into my car and drove nearly 50 miles to attend the Compline prayers of the monks of Abbey of the Genesee. It was the first time I’d been at the abbey in nearly a month. Tonight’s service was well attended by outsiders. There were about ten people including me in attendance. The psalms at compline at Genesee Abbey are 4, 91, and 134. There are some other hymns and chants but these three form the basis. The smell of incense perfumed the chapel and the stillness was only interrupted as each monk filed into his prayer stall. The chanter intoned, “O God come to my assistance…” and we began. I love the rhythm of the chants and it was good to be home in their presence. Before I got into my car for the drive home I picked up a fresh loaf of Monks Bread and four containers of creamed honey that is packaged by the Monks of Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Va.

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