5 + 5 Movie Meme

Taking a cue from Jeff I’m taking up the movie meme. It’s really difficult for me to take all my favorite movies and come up with just five but here goes.

Jesus of Nazareth-Franco Zeffirelli 1976. This is the most reasonable depiction of Jesus in any of the Jesus movies I’ve seen. There are certain scenes I just love and Paula posted one of them a week or so ago on her blog. I love the raising of Lazarus, the Last Supper scene, the Resurrection scene with Mary Magdalene and the final scene. It’s a powerful movie for me.

Gandhi-I have literally watched this movie dozens of times and a teacher friend and fellow Gandhi devotee and I regularly greet each other by bowing, clasping hands and saying ‘Namaste’. There are numerous powerful scenes in the movie for me.

The Scarlet and the Black-produced in the 1980’s and featuring Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer. I am a Greg Peck fan anyway, but this is a great movie. I love the depiction of this Irish Jesuit thumbing his nose at the Nazis in wartime Italy. It’s a great story.

Schindler’s List-Liam Neeson does a great job along with Ben Kingsley. This is a powerful film. It is depressing to watch in many spots, but it chronicles the conversion of a Nazi and the overpowering of oppression through love and compassion. I love the final scenes when Schindler is presented with the ring.

Antwone Fisher-I relate to this film on a couple of levels. This is a great film with great acting. It’s about forgiveness and redemption which are important themes for me.

Guilty Pleasures

Patton-I’m an unabashed fan of George S. Patton. This seems a contradiction given my anti-war views. George C. Scott is fabulous and the movie is a classic.

Chocolat-great movie with a Lenten theme.

A Few Good Men-Great movie with very good acting. You can probably tell that I like Jack Nicholson

The Last Detail-A great film about real U.S. Navy life. It reminds me of what it was like for me as a sailor and navy life in general. I love Jack Nicholson.

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest-A great film with great acting. I love R.P. McMurphy. I love the line early on in the movie when the doctor asks Mr. McMurphy why he is locked up.

Thanks to Jeff and Crystal for the challenge. I have not felt much like writing this week. This got me off my butt and back in the race. Peace.

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