Orthopraxis vs. Orthodoxy

“We do not need to theorize about Jesus, we need to “re-produce him” in our time and our circumstances. He himself did not regard the truth as something we simply “uphold” and “maintain” but as something we choose to live and experience. So that our search, like his search, is primarily a search for orthopraxis (true practice) rather than orthodoxy (true doctrine). Only a true practice of the faith can verify what we believe. We can refer to traditional authorities and theological arguments, but what we believe can only be made true, and be seen to be true, in the concrete results which faith achieves in the world–today and tomorrow. The beginning of faith in Jesus , then, is the attempt to read the signs of our times as Jesus read the signs of his times.”–Albert Nolan-“Jesus Before Christianity.

I just finished reading “Jesus Before Christianity.” It’s a book I started several weeks ago. I’ve been reading a little at a time and trying to absorb what is there. I recommend to anyone. Albert Nolan is an insightful author and though this book was originally published over 25 years ago it’s message is more than relevant today.

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