Pull the plug

In reading the news one gets the impression that President Bush thinks the “Democrats” are a foreign occupying force that is hell bent of subverting the United States Foreign policy. Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to the middle east has been panned as caving in to terrorism. Truth be told, it is the other way around. Mr. Bush has confused the presidency with the the role of a tyrant. He has become the latter. His strident criticism of the majority of Americans is without precedent. He is seriously out of step with the majority of the American people who want out of Iraq now. His bellicosity is surpassed only by his incompetence as a serious leader. His illegal invasion of Iraq along with the invented intelligence has killed thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and it has destabilized the middle east. It will take a generation to restore order and respect for the United States. He is seriously out of step with both United States and world popular opinion. Two days ago Pope Benedict XVI declared that nothing positive is coming from Iraq. I continue to pray that both Democrats and Republicans will finally get the courage to pull the plug on this war. The majority of Americans and the majority of the world can’t be all wrong and only a handful of right wing Republicans have the correct answers. Thank God for Democrats like Speaker Pelosi, Dennis Kucinich and Republicans like Chuck Hagel who have the fortitude to speak truth to power.