I’ve been really busy today. I’m just now sitting down at one minute past midnight. I haven’t had any chance to catch up on the news. I did read that the House of Representatives voted narrowly to add a withdrawal timeline on Iraq. I wonder if it will accomplish much. At least there is some oversight occurring that didn’t occur in the first five years of the Bush Administration. Plainfoolish has a story about a fellow giving his Purple Heart medal to the President. That’s more than a little strange. I wonder why. I continue to pray everyday for a peaceful solution in Iraq and Iran. I spent part of my evening sitting in an Episcopal Church reading one of their prayer books. Later I listened to John Michael Talbot’s “Chant from the Hermitage” on my Ipod. I won an Ipod Monday at a vendor event I attended. I’ve purchased Ipod’s as gifts for others but never used one myself until the last two days. I’m sold. It’s a great little device and it’s really added something to my contemplation at work. Listening to John Michael Talbot as I spend my time working on file servers and other computers is definitely relaxing. I’ve also been listening to “Stepping Stones” by Bill Douglas. That is beautiful music.