“Give us this day our daily bread,” are the words to the Lord’s Prayer or Our Father. This prayer reminds me if I listen to it that there is only one day that is important and that is today. Tomorrow is not reality and neither is yesterday. The only important time is now. How much of my life I’ve wasted worrying about what will happen or has happened. It is always now. Now is eternity. There is no other real time in the world but now. As I sit here this morning in the gathering light of a new day it is very quiet as it is most mornings. This is a time of reflection and sometimes prayer. For me the morning has always been a time of expectation. Sometimes it has been a time of worry and projection. I’ve been living more mindfully lately. Mindfulness is making sense. I cannot live then until I live now. If I’m lost in the future or dwelling in the past I can’t be too useful now. I had a friend who used to say, “if you could talk to God what time would he say it was.” It is now. It is always now and has always been now even then and now.

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