Our three eared friend

One of the most unique animals I’ve ever seen is the three eared rabbit that lives near our home. Tonight at about 6 pm I was able to take a short video of him/her.

This year our friend seems to have developed more trust and regularly comes to eat the grass near our home. I love animals and I’m delighted that such an unusual rabbit comes so close. I’ve seen our three eared friend a number of times this week. I took the video with a Canon MiniDV ZR200 digital video camera. I used Kino to export the clip to MPEG and then I uploaded it to Google Video. Kino is one of the software packages that is included in Ubuntu 7.04. I’m running Ubuntu on a new Dell Inspiron 6400 with an Intel Core Duo T2250 processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM. Earlier today I was helping a customer setup Windows Vista Home Basic on another Dell laptop with an AMD Sempron 3500 and 512 megabtyes of RAM. I’ve used the same AMD processor with XUbuntu 7.04 and it’s very responsive with only 256 mb RAM. Vista Home Basic with the Sempron 3500 processor and twice as much memory is a slow and less responsive. Add to that the Ubuntu interface is much more intuitive. I’d recommend buying a Dell, removing Vista and replacing it with Ubuntu. It’s faster and you’ll have a host of free applications like Kino to use and enjoy.