Fill the cup please…!

Yesterday, the United States Senate passed a measure designed to increase mileage standards for automobiles produced in the United States to an average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020. By then gasoline will be $10.00/gallon and 35 mpg will be just as anemic as our current standards. Yesterday, the Vice-President announced that his office is not subject to oversight for classified information. Taken together these two separate news items reaffirm my belief that we are witnessing the end game of “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” I wrote some time back about the death of democracy and this is further evidence of it. If the Senate had any moxie they would have proposed fifty miles per gallon standards that are attainable in 13 years. Most of the senate is “in bed” with corporate interests and it’s not in the interest of the oil cartel that we have fuel efficient transportation. The public should also know that Messrs. Bush and Cheney are not subject to any law that regulates mere mortals like the rest of us. They and their administration are above such laws. They are God’s chosen leaders for the United States of America. Anyone with the temerity to suggest that these two fellows are outside the law will soon find themselves under investigation. Don’t you realize that it is the citizens of this country that require oversight not it’s leadership?

If your current sedative is wearing off you might read about the decline of Rome. The parallels are interesting.