Shift Happens

I may have written about this before, but it’s more timely each day. It’s a story that isn’t told much on mainstream media. Today’s politicians are focused on “important issues” like gay rights, gay marriage and abortion. The media has a larger story to tell about Paris Hilton and other celebrities. The MSM can’t be bothered with stories that really matter to you and I. That is why a short video clip has to circulated by bloggers, the Gutenbergs of the twenty-first century. I hope you take time to watch this well done video and ask yourself how this affects your life.


We’re surrounded by lots of folks who don’t realize that the world we were born into is changing. The United States is on its way down and both India and China are on their way up. Did you know that China holds most of our debt?  When I was a young boy, Nikita Krushchev, former Soviet Premier, stood at the United Nations and stated, “we will bury you.” That was frightening to a little boy. We were soaked in fear by our government that the Soviets were going to do us in. We had air raid drills and nuclear disaster drills. We were always prepared for an armed onslaught from the dreaded Russians. It never happened, but what has happened is the gradual sell off of the United States by our own politicians and policy makers. We buried the Russians, but the Chinese and Indians are going to bury us and they won’t even fire a shot.