Mathetes tag

Recently Jeff tagged me for a Mathetes award. I’m honored to be so highly regarded by a fellow blogger. That tagging carries with it some responsibility to tag others too. Like Jeff I read many blogs everyday. Some are technically related while others like Jeff have a more spiritual direction. In the last month with the start of another school year I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do as much reading as I have in the past and my reading has been taking a bit of a hit or maybe I should say I’ve had a slight change in direction. Life is like that. This year I’ve felt more upbeat and I don’t really know why. Six months ago I was discouraged and the fruit of that discouragement has resulted in some positive moves that are yielding fruit. This summer I made a real effort to live more mindfully and I’ve continued in that vein. I’ve tried not to put any limits on the power of God in my life. I naturally want to put limits on God. An old timer told me once never to define God, because if I did I’d lose the power in my life. The guy was right and so I’ve tried give up old ideas and follow some new directions from my spiritual advisors. I hadn’t realized until just the last few days that these new directions are actually bearing fruit. Life is like that, you take a new direction, fill your sails with new wind and it’s a while later that the scenery begins to change enough so you know you’re on a new course.

Part of that new direction has been directed towards the re-creation of my own business site at I posted my resume on Monster about four months ago and began to seriously look at changing my life direction. I also had to seriously look at who I really worked for. Did I work for an entity defined by man or did I truly work for a higher power. Was I willing to be open to the insights of others who are agents of that power? Honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are the essentials of a renewed life. These three virtues are often overlooked but they provide the key to successful living.

Now, who will I tag for a Mathetes award?

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