Jesus Wine of Peace

Today was very cold. I think it was about 7 degrees fahrenheit this morning as I ventured up to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass. The roads up to the mountain were snow covered but passable. My journey was very peaceful. There is something very contemplative in winter. A stillness that occurs when the earth and most everything on it is frozen. The chapel was full this morning. Mostly St. Bonaventure University students. They were Students for the Mountain, which is a ministry group organized by the Franciscan Friars who live at Mt. Irenaeus and minister on campus at St. Bonaventure. There were some familiar faces among the students there. Chris a senior at Bona and Monica a sophomore are old friends. There were new faces there too. Names I don’t recall. Fr. Dan Riley’s homily invited lots of comments. The mood today was both animated and prayerful. The communion hymn today was “Jesus Wine of Peace,” by David Haas. I love it’s lyrics and the melody. Jesus is truly the wine of peace and today these lyrics moved me deeply.

Jesus wine of Peace, wine of love, may we drink of you, may we taste your presence, your promise, our future. Drink well and live.