Grateful living

I got the following in the mail today from Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB and it arrives at a time of transition for me. Summer is turning to autumn. My daughter has returned to college. I’ve returned from a journey that saw me in Illinois and then southern New York and New Jersey.   I visited places I hadn’t been to in over thirty-five years. I spent time with family that I see very sparingly.  I shared in great joy and release.

In thanksgiving for life, I pledge
to overcome the illusion of ENTITLEMENT
by reminding myself that everything is gift
and, thus, to live GRATEFULLY.
In thanksgiving for life, I pledge
to overcome my GREED,
that confuses wants with needs,
by trusting that enough for all our needs is given to us
and to share GENEROUSLY
what i so generously receive.

Life is truly a gift and yet I don’t see it that way often enough. Read more of Brother David’s work here.