No vision

The stock market plunged 800 points today. News yesterday that the 700 billion dollar bailout may do nothing to improve the economy unless the value of real estate begins to rise. Iraq is teetering. Afghanistan is going backward and all Senator McCain can talk about is smears. The Republican smear machine is in high gear and let’s not kid ourselves its not about race, not the presidential race, but the race of Barack Obama. The Republican dirty tricks machine bending over backward with push polling and guilt by association. McCain comes from a party of redneck, homophobic, christianist, racists. This is not the party of Lincoln or the party of Barry Goldwater. Just under the surface of most of these Republicans is homophobia, sexism, racism, and really anti-Americanism and mindless fanaticism. Many of them talk of supporting our military but few if any have ever served and when you really press them on the issue they get a little testy.

Barack Obama is about as American as you can get. He is the melting pot. Let’s talk about issues Senator McCain. Let’s talk about Iraq and Afghanistan and why according to reliable sources 60% of the active duty military are pulling for Obama. They don’t want anymore of your sellout crowd who put American forces in an un-winnable situation without adequate equipment. Let’s talk about a man who had to get shamed into voting for a new GI Bill of Rights. Let’s talk about no-bid contracts for war profiteers and no health care for millions of Americans. Let’s talk about your plan to de-regulate health care. Let’s talk about a guy who has had government health care his entire life wants others to do without the same. Let’s talk about the failed economic policies which your own adviser Phil Gramm crafted. Let’s talk about what de-regulation has accomplished and why we have to bail out Wall Street because you slept while the store was being robbed.

You like to invoke the maverick image, but you aren’t one sir. Barack Obama is a maverick. He voted against this insane authorization for war that you favored and he did it at a time when few in his own party had the courage to. Mr. Obama has had the courage to do without public financing for his campaign. He’s financed primarily by small donors. He’s mobilized millions of Americans who have a positive image of the future of our country. He’s a man with a vision. You are a man without one and long ago in Proverbs 29:18 it is written, “Where there is no vision the people perish,” and that is what is happening right now sir. People are perishing because you and your friends have no vision.