Sun Day

The sun is shining here today. We haven’t seen much of it this summer. Last night on my way home from South Dayton I drove through blinding rain. It was very difficult to see at times. Today, is a lovely though, not a cloud in the sky. I’ve been writing curriculum and lesson plans for the course I’ll be teaching in September. I’ve been writing a section on blogging and reading and commenting on blogs. As a blogger I’ve really come to appreciate the value of this medium for sharing ideas and inviting commentary from readers. Please pray for the development of this curriculum and lesson plans as I try to present a coherent curriculum that really invites these young students to get involved in the learning.

I don’t want to be a talking head. I want to encourage as much student participation as possible and truly be the guide on the side rather than the more traditional teacher/lecturer. I’m grateful for the sun. Thank you Brother Sun it is darned nice to see you.