This teddy bear has been part of the family for almost fifteen years now. Originally purchased as a Christmas gift for Dara when she was in elementary school.   Dara named him Bubba. About five years ago when we moved to our present home he was excessed and I took him to school and donated him to the Kindergarten classes. He was home there for a few years until I discovered him in the throw-away pile a couple of years ago. I rescued him and put him in my office on the top shelf where he lived for the next almost two years until one of my co-workers suggested I put him in the car as he’d make my vehicle eligible for the HOV lane. That humorous suggestion landed him in the car for the last two months. This weekend my son suggested he needed a bath and so today Bubba got a Lysol bath and he’s soaking up the sun in an effort to make him even more loveable.

Once he’s ready I’ll put him back in the car where I’ve enjoyed having him as he brings an occasional smile to the faces of folks who see him on the highways of our area. I don’t know what there is about teddy bears, but I’ve loved them all my life. I have a collection at the house and I even have a footstool that looks like a bear cub. Some wags have suggested that I’ve been riding around with a bear behind.