Today I decided to drive over to Mt. Irenaeus to check on some records necessary for an upcoming regional visitation for our Secular Franciscan Fraternity. When I at the Mountain I checked in at the House of Peace with Sr. Beth, a Stella Niagara Franciscan, who was working in the kitchen preparing lunch for she and Fr. Dan Hurley, OFM. She invited me to join them and so I did. I hadn’t gone there expecting lunch. We ate left-overs which at Mt. Irenaeus can be sumptuous. We dined at the table on the screened in porch and Fr. Dan blessed our meal. My eyes misted over as Dan Hurley asked the Lord to bless our meal. I hadn’t come here expecting a blessing or even a meal but that is what I got. After lunch I went and checked our records and decided to walk the labyrinth and spend some quiet time in the chapel. By the time I’d completed the labyrinth, Br. Joe Kotula, OFM had arrived and following some quiet time in the chapel I joined he, Sr. Beth and Fr. Dan Hurley at the house for a short time. Going to the Mountain was just what I needed today.