Lately I have been so tired. I can’t seem to get excited about much either. I’ve been trying too hard. I think that I’m experiencing a let down following the successful completion of  the last semester. I have so much to be grateful for and I have felt little or no gratitude. Tonight I reflected on these feelings and decided that I needed to be more grateful and to accept the things I cannot change. The essence of my happiness lies in acceptance. Too often I reflect not on what I should be grateful for but instead dwell on what I ought to be doing next. Sometimes this restlessness is good and at other times it can be debilitating. Lately it has been the latter experience.

This past weekend was the beginning of a much needed rest. Tomorrow, my classrom is being visited by some pre-service teachers and I have no idea what to share with them. I hope that you will pray that I can show them something or that a visit to our classroom and the children will at least benefit the students in some small way. I am privileged to work with so many wonderful young people who buoy me by their presence in my life. Many of them have no idea how important they are to me.  Without them my life really lacks purpose and yet lately it has been a struggle to maintain the edge. I have felt that I have been really just treading water and it’s a sensation I am uncomfortable with. Whatever I do I like to do with all my heart and lately my heart has not been in all that I have done. I hope that your prayers and the Holy Spirit will animate me and us enough to provide something for these Houghton students who are visiting us tomorrow and on Wednesday. Peace be with you!