Incarnation Spirituality

This is one of my favorite articles on the Incarnation. When I first heard this about ten years ago it made sense to me. Prior to that time I had always felt ill at ease with other explanations of the theology of creation and the place of Christ in the universe. This made sense to me then and it does now. I think of this often and share it now for anyone who happens upon this blog in search of a deeper understanding of creation. The sin centered universe never made any sense to me. This does and it really precedes the other way of thinking.

The Incarnation is the model for creation: there is a creation only because of the Incarnation. In this schema, the universe is for Christ and not Christ for the universe. Scotus finds it inconceivable that the ‘greatest good in the universe’ i.e. the Incarnation, can be determined by some lesser good i.e. Man’s redemption. This is because such a sin-centered view of the Incarnation suggests that the primary role of Christ is as an assuager of the universe’s guilt. In the Absolute Primacy, Christ is the beginning, middle and end of creation. He stands at the center of the universe as the reason for its existence.

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