End the squabbling now

“I never remember a time when we had such deadlock, paralysis, almost unrelenting rigidity. We were able to work across the aisle and shape what I call American solutions to big issues. Something happened to shatter that essential ability to compromise and build for the future.”

– Former Vice President Walter Mondale on how a new era of partisan division and political paralysis has led to the Minnesota government shutdown. (Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Earlier this week I heard a couple of conservative folks talking about close minded liberals. I don’t give a damn if you’re liberal or conservative. We’re Americans and we damned well better start acting like we loved each other and our country. This partisan hacking is crap and it does come from both Democrats & Republicans and I don’t give a rats ass who started it but it’s well past time to end it. Real democracies listen to and respect the voices of all people.