What does the future hold? No one knows as life unfolds a minute, an hour, a day at a time. Suffice to say it’ll be exciting. An election year might be the worst of it. Business frequently slows in election years as people see especially undecided. The worst of it might be having to put up with the political discourse. It’s been particularly strident in the last few years. One could hope that will change. On the bright side technology continues to draw our world closer together and it empowers people in ways that are probably unintended. Just last week Verizon dropped a plan to charge customers more for paying their bills online. In like manner a major web hosting company backtracked on support of a controversial new legislation when customers began leaving in droves thanks in part to Twitter.

Social networks fueled reporting on the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. The average citizen has lost touch with their governments on one hand but the web continues to foster transparency in spite of it all.