How far did I walk?

One of the joys of retirement is the opportunity to spend more time outdoors walking. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been walking about two or three miles each day. Uphill, downhill, side streets, main streets. An hour or sometimes less each day. During my walk today I happened to see and old friend who asked me if I knew how far I had walked each day. I don’t really know and it’s not all that important but I’m a curious fellow and wouldn’t it be fun to know. A half dozen years ago I bought a pedometer and fastened it to my belt. I was amazed how much walking I was doing at work. I was walking four to five miles each day. Nowadays, with smart phone technology there are apps that can function very nicely to give us lots of information about how we’re walking or running. Up until today I thought that was interesting information but no application in my own life. Today, I downloaded my first walking app to see how far I’m walking. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s stroll already.