Men’s Overnight at Mt. Irenaeus

Tonight I am a guest at Mt. Irenaeus along with about fifteen St. Bonaventure University men, four friars and a couple other men my age. Men’s overnights at the Mountain are times for sharing, forming and bonding with other men. I’ve been on several of these overnight retreats in the past ten years. Each time I’ve found peace, friendship and insight. I volunteered to drive three young men from campus to The Mountain. As we began our journey it began to snow quite hard and I worried about getting us there safely. My prayers were answered as we soon left the snow squall and had a leisurely drive. Tonight my life is richer because I accepted the invitation to be part of this gathering. I’m grateful to be a part of university life. Activities like this keep me young. I’m grateful too for the opportunity to spend a quiet night at one of my favorite places. Whenever I come to Mt. Irenaeus I feel as though I’m back home. Thanks be to God!