A need to write

I started this journey thirteen years ago. I started blogging and enjoyed it but in the past half dozen years I have moved away from it and towards social media. I’ve felt something within me calling me to write more and that’s what I’m going to try to do. I write regularly for Opensource.com. I’m a community moderator and regularly write about Linux and all things open source. I enjoy that a great deal. It has helped me to continue to learn and grow.

In the past five years I’ve moved from teaching in a public school to volunteering in a variety of places including a food pantry, a soup kitchen, public libraries, teaching digital literacy, Python, Scratch and other open source software. I love open source and continue to write about it and promote it anywhere that I go. I’ve found that there is a great deal more to open source than merely free software. I’ve become a member of a growing community of writers and developers and that’s been very energizing.