Walking is therapy. In the past six years I’ve found that the more I walk the more content I am. Winter makes it harder to walk but this winter has been more open than most. I’m averaging 3.4 miles per day. Some days are too cold and some days are too icy but today was one of those days of full sun and temperatures climbed into the mid thirties. I have a membership at the YMCA in nearby Olean but I prefer to walk outside. Sunshine is part of the tonic that aids my good health too. Today was full sun and bright blue skies.

I’m a person who is inclined to depression and walking is therefore therapeutic. Today I prayed as I walked too. The repetition of a short prayer as I walk is a form of mindfulness and keeps negative thoughts at bay. Walking spurs my creativity too. Sunshine and walking are the ingredients of peace in my life.

“He thrives before the sun, And his shoots spread out over his garden.

– Job 8:16