Free Software for Windows

I’m frequently called as I was this morning to support Windows computers. Many of those calls come from senior citizens as was the case this morning. The fellow was running Windows 7 and had recently purchased virus protection for it. He didn’t know how to install it and had called me to do that for him. That’s when I used Ninite to help him out. One of the Windows 7 options is to install Microsoft Security Essentials. Though Windows 7 reached end of life in January 2020 , MSE lives on and will continue to be updated. I told the chap that I wouldn’t recommend using the computer for secure transactions. I suggested that I could install Linux on the computer for him if he wanted to do that. I explained to him that I could easily install Linux on his computer and then short of hardware failure he’d have a viable desktop PC for the foreseeable future. He was tickled to be able to return the unopened antivirus software that he had purchased for $85 at a local store.

I recommend Ninite for much more than security software too. It’s a great collection of easily installable free software. Many of the titles are FOSS projects like LibreOffice which is my own “go-to” office suite.