The Fediverse is rich

I am really enjoying the Fediverse and what it has to offer. That doesn’t just apply to the instance that happen to belong to either. There are so many rich conversations from all over. I am interested in open source in the broadest sense of that word which includes Linux of course which is my daily driver. I am also interested in open education and open educational resources, Python, libraries, educational technology, open organizations, Creative Commons and more. I have found all of that here and the best part of this experience is that it is not driven by an algorithm. This morning I was thinking how grateful I am that I was literally driven here against my will. I haven’t left Twitter entirely but my focus has definitely shifted. If you are new to Mastodon as I am and you are looking for help I suggest you follow Fedi.Tips.

If you are new to the Fediverse I suggest you take a look at this help for beginners. Consider following the Fediverse group which is a community dediated to Fediverse news and discussion.