Make America Great Again, they said


As the past grew rosier inside their head.
In a nostalgic haze, they longed for the past,
Where the present’s complexity was outcast.

They yearned for a time when walls stood tall,
And diversity was a whisper, not a call.
When factories roared, and coal reigned supreme,
And progress was a distant, futuristic dream.

They dreamt of leaders with bluster and might,
Ignoring the facts, embracing the night.
Science was a hoax, they vehemently claimed,
The truth was but a perspective, easily maimed.

In their delusions, they glossed over the strife,
Of the marginalized, struggling for life.
The “great” they sought was a selective view,
A cherry-picked past, sanitized and askew.

But greatness, oh greatness, isn’t found in the past,
It’s built in the present, a moldable cast.
It thrives in compassion, in justice’s embrace,
In unity’s melody, not division’s disgrace.

So let’s make America great, not again but anew,
With empathy’s fire and equality’s hue.
Let’s build a future where all have a place,
And the shadows of bigotry we bravely erase.

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