Three Good Things

Last summer I took a one day seminar on Positive Psychology at St. Bonaventure University. Since then I’ve been trying to implement some of what I learned along with what I continue to read about positive psychology in the classroom. I figured that anything I can do to make school less stressful would help everyone whether student or teacher.  One of the practices that I learned was to keep a journal or blog and to make note of three things that went well each day. I’ve been having students do this on their own blogs. Now, I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching and just open to where it leads me. So according to an article I just read, Positive Psychology in Practice, I’m going to try this for awhile to see where it leads.  I’m interested to note if anyone else is doing this too.

Three good things. Every evening, write down three good things that happened that day and think about why they happened.