Excuses to listen

Sunday I purchased a new book for my new iPod Touch. It’s “Excuses be Gone,” by Wayne Dyer. Like Dyer’s other books its chocked full of good insights many of which I’ve heard elsewhere b, ut he has such a great delivery it’s better to listen to the book than read it for me. In the past couple of years I’ve listened to more books than I’ve read thank to Apple’s i-Tunes Store. I actually wish that more books came this way. Reading is fun, but with an audible book I can take it anywhere. I can listen in the car, while I’m walking, even when I’m laying down for a nap. I really like my new i-Pod Touch which I got for buying my son a new MacBook. I got a rebate for the entire price of the i-Pod just for buying the Mac. I’m still a Ubuntu user and probably will be, but each of our children now own MacBooks. I highly recommend Dr. Dyer’s book and I recommend you listen to it. I’ve found that listening to books is helpful and I can listen again and again. Listening to Dr. Dyer’s positive affirmations help to program my computer for success.