Road trip

Today I started out for Mass at Mt. Irenaeus but was lured by the lovely weather into taking a much longer trip that saw me eventually reach Oswego, New York by early afternoon. I began college in the Fall of 1971 at State University of New York College at Oswego. I was a green 18 year old kid. I remember that on my first weekend there I coaxed my roommate to walk from campus to Ft. Ontario which is about 3.5 miles east of the campus. Being an American history student,  fort’s have always intrigued me. This particular fort began as a British outpost during the French & Indian War and the American Revolution. In 1796 it was handed over to the United States and has been in our hands ever since. It was the only refugee camp for survivors of the Holocaust on American soil for brief period of time following World War II.

Following my visit to the fort I drove west toward the campus of SUNY Oswego. On my way I stopped by the River’s End Bookstore on Bridge Street in Oswego and bought a new book. Then I  meandered to the campus, stopped to see what had changed since my last visit and then began to wander toward home. I drove along the Lake Road which follows the shoreline of Lake Ontario all the way to Webster, New York. I stopped at Burnaps Farm Market in Sodus for some fresh peaches, nectarines and red raspberries for my wife. I also got some delicious sugar cookies for myself. On my trip along the Lake Ontario shoreline I passed the Ginna nuclear power plant. I didn’t know it exisited. My journey took me eventually to Market Place Mall in Henrietta, New York where I stopped at the Land’s End Inlet. It was a great day to be out and enjoying the lovely weather that came our way today.